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Samantha Bittman @ Andrew Rafacz

September 19 – November 8, 2014

Creating loom-woven textiles with painted surfaces, Samantha Bittman simultaneously camouflages her patterns as she highlights their structure with thick acrylic—often revealing new patterns through the semi-masked surface. Referencing the dazzle camouflage technique used on World War I naval ships, the exhibition incorporates bold patterns to confuse, not conceal, throwing texture to the viewer as a distraction from the underlying patterns in the woven surface below.

Adding another layer to her paintings, the artist has installed a site-specific wallpaper that draws attention to itself while dually matching and contrasting the patterns found in the paintings—interlocking the works’ patterns while simultaneously disrupting the synchronicity. Bold prints overlap the corners of the gallery, distorting the viewer’s perception of space and erasing any traditional relationship with the space’s architecture. By flattening the three-dimensional surface through the wallpaper’s bold two-dimensional designs, the artist creates a space that inundates the viewer and renders it difficult to make immediate and precise visual estimations. Crafted entirely from the artist’s previously woven patterns, the wallpaper holds a different relationship to each painting, with some works blending in and others contrasting with their background. Another painting exists in a liminal space, half-concealed within the installed environment, neither fully contrasting or conforming.

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Christopher Meerdo @ The Hills Aesthetic Center

June 14 – July 12, 2014

Q. Why do you do a hard shutdown?

A. Because it has been identified that there is programs out there to where if you begin to do a soft shutdown of the system it will actually start to wipe media and programs off the system, ma’am.

THE COURT: What is the difference between a hard shutdown and a soft shutdown?

THE WITNESS: The soft shutdown, ma’am, is when you go into the system and tell it to turn itself off, like we do a restart on a computer on a nightly basis, ma’am. A hard shutdown is where you’re actually pulling the power on it and it immediately shuts it down.

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David Hart @ David Nolan

March 6 – April 26th, 2014



For this exhibition we printed and mounted the artists works to Dibond for his show.

David Nolan Gallery is pleased to announce The Republic, an exhibition of new work by David Hartt. On view from March 6 through April 26, this is his first show with the gallery.

As a point of departure, the exhibition explores the proposed city plans of Greek urban planner Constantinos Doxiadis for both Athens and Detroit. In the early 1960s, Doxiadis was commissioned by the Greek military Junta to develop the master plan for Athens and to bring some order to the explosive post-war growth and urbanization the city was experiencing. In 1965, he was commissioned by Detroit Edison to lead the “Developing Urban Detroit Area Research Project.” The fall of the junta in 1974 and the Detroit riots of 1967 changed the historical trajectory of both cities and neither commission was realized.

The artist’s ongoing inquiry into the ideological implications of the built environment engages a variety of media. Central to the exhibition is the film “The Republic,” shot in both Athens and Detroit. The footage, set to a score by Sam Prekop, is montaged so that the locations become indiscernible and a hybrid city-state emerges. Interspersed at random moments throughout the film is a group of laborers who flip an automobile in a winter landscape as both an invocation of the myth of Sisyphus and a reenactment of civil disorder. Elsewhere in the gallery, full scale cast bronze acanthus plants sprout from the floor, and on the wall is a photograph of a cat who has begun to disappear under the glare of sodium vapor lamps.

David Hartt (b. 1967, Montréal) currently lives and works in Chicago. He graduated with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994. His exhibition Stray Light, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2011) travelled to the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle (2013) and will open this May at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. In 2012 he was named a United States Artists Cruz Fellow.

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