Using the Epson 11880 with an advanced MicroPiezo® TFP print head and the latest Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink technology we craft museum quality archival pigment prints. A custom ICC profile is created for each paper using SpectralVision Pro and X-Rite spectrophotometers allowing for optimal color gamut. With the Epson 11880 we have the ability to print up to 64” x 110” mural prints down to 8” x 10” portfolio prints.

EPSON 11880 Archival Pigment Prints

Each print includes one free proof that is 15% the size of the final print(64” Maximum Roll Size).
Each additional proof is billed out at full print prices.

$24sqft = Rag and Fiber Based Paper

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (308gsm)
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl (320gsm)
Epson Exhibition Fiber
Innova IFA-69 FibaPrint Baryta 310gsm
Harman by Hahnemuhle FB Gloss

$20sqft = Gloss, Luster and Matte

Epson Enhanced Matte
Epson Luster
Epson Gloss
LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric

$16sqft = Prints using Artists own paper


$20sqft = DiBond (Aluminum Composite)

How to Figure out Print and Mounting Prices

Length” x Width” = Total Square Inches
Total sqft = Total Square Inches / 144 (the total square inches in 1sqft)

(Fiber 32”x40” Example)
32” x 40” = 1280 / 144 = 8.88 Total sqft x $24 = $213.12


Our film scans are made using a Howtek Scanmaster 4500 with AZTEK Digital PhotoLab Pro 7.8 making custom negative profiles for each negative scanned. Flatbed print scanning is done using an Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Scanner that can reach a 6400 dpi optical resolution using SilverFast® SE 6 scanning software.

Howtek Scanmaster 4500 Drum Scanning

$150 = 8”x10” (600MB)
$100 = 4”x5” (400MB)
$75 = 6cm x 7cm (250MB)
$50 = Transparencies, Color Negatives and 35mm B&W Negatives (75MB)

Epson Perfection V750-M Pro Flatbed Print Scanning

$55 = 100MB and Over
$40 = 50MB to 100MB
$25 = 50MB and Under

Other Services

Besides printing and scanning we offer a full variety of custom image editing, color correction, framing and production assistance.

Please e-mail info(at) for a custom quote

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